Teen Arrested For Cyber Bullying On Twitter And Facebook

In late November of 2013 four male students were suspended for ten days from a Connecticut High School.  They posted  lists, containing the names of some girls from the school, making graphic claims about their sexual activity.  The lists circulated around the school for a couple of weeks.  Students and teachers both began reporting the offensive postings to administrators.  School officials conducted their own investigation and contacted the police who looked into the situation.   School officials said three of the  boys only  contributed to the vulgar postings, so they were just suspended.   The fourth boy, found to be the mastermind, was suspended and also charged with two misdemeanors – breach of the peace and obscenity.   Police said no further arrests were expected at this time.   A school official said the postings could go beyond cyber bullying and may  constitute civil rights violations of sexual harassment and discrimination under federal law.opd85f_2.thm

The school board chairman said even though the postings took place off-campus,  the students responsible will be held to the same standards as students involved in any on-campus bullying incident.    Under the school district code of conduct, regardless of where the incident  takes place, it can be considered bullying.   The vulgar lists in this matter were posted on both Twitter and Facebook.  One of the victims, a 17 year old student, says she feels humiliated and wants the students involved to be punished for their actions.

After the disciplinary action was taken, the principal wrote a letter saying bullying creates a “hostile environment” no matter where  it takes place.  School policy expressly prohibits all forms of bullying at any location –  on the school grounds, at a school sponsored event, school-related activity, function or program.  The policy applies to bullying at a school bus stop or on a school bus.  The policy also applies to bullying by a student using an electronic mobile device.  The letter said the school district takes bullying very seriously.  It concluded by saying the consequences for bullying, can range from suspension to expulsion and will include court prosecution when appropriate.



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