Students Arrested For Selling Drugs At School – Cases From Around The Country

Here are three examples, happening in he last 90 days of students arrested for selling drugs at school.

In Riverside County California  2 adults and  24 students from two high schools were arrested after a four month under cover operation.  A  male and a female officer posed as 11th graders.  The drug sales included marijuana, cocaine, crack, meth, hashish and various prescription pills.  The students were taken to Juvenile Hall and the adults booked into the county jail.   The sheriff’s office reached out to the school district to get permission to conduct the undercover operation.   The school superintendent, in an email report to parents, said it was the school’s obligation to do its best to keep the schools clean.  He further said he hoped the arrests would “send a message” that drugs at school are unacceptable.

In West Linn, Oregon police arrested three men on drug trafficking charges and seized ten pounds of marijuana plus more than $18,000 in cash as they broke up a drug ring that operated out of a local high school.    The police raided the home of a 51 year old man in West Linn where they found an additional two pounds of marijuana and $3,500 in cash.   They said the home owner hired high school students to work at his marijuana-growing operation.  A police detective said  many kids at the high school refer to our town as “Weed Linn.”   Reports showed the operation supplied at least a pound of pot a week to the schools and the buy/sell arrangements were made during school hours.   A police spokesman said many of those kids have now been clearly identified as either a seller and/or user of the substances they bought from these adults.  He went on to say that students who have been associating with these drug dealers can expect a visit from the West Linn Police Department.000803_1066_1115_v__v.thm

In Upper Darby, Pennsylvania a bicycle officer approached a teen near the high school baseball field.  The teen dropped his bag and took off.  Inside the sophomore student’s bag was the usual stuff like a hall pass, a cell phone and some math homework.  Also there 81 bundled packets of heroine and $716 in cash, which police said shows the student was dealing.  The cell phone contained messages about meeting other students at certain locations, which confirmed the fact he was selling drugs to other students.  The superintendent said the drugs at school problem has exploded in recent years and the school is working with the police to deal with it.

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