Drugs Sold At Schools

10 STUDENTS SUSPENDED FOR BUYING BROWNIES LACED WITH MARIJUANA AT SCHOOL.hands1.thm 10 students were suspended from a Miami, Florida area high school for selling marijuana laced brownies at school.  A 22 year old man named “Dio” Lockridge made the brownies loaded with synthetic marijuana at his condo.  When police searched the condo they found several bags of K2 Spice laced brownies, plus what they believed to be marijuana and cocaine along with $1,300 in cash.  Lockridge was charged with a felony and a $35,000 bond was set.  He admitted selling the brownies to a high student, who then gave them to his girlfriend.  She sold the brownies to other students at the high school for $12 each. School police officers said the students who bought the brownies knew they had drugs in them.  The brownies were confiscated and were being checked to see if they contained drugs.  Several students said the brownies contained ectasy.  Some students got sick after eating the brownies.  One student said she saw kids throwing up and others said they were not feeling good.

17 YEAR OLD STUDENT GETS 6 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS FOR SELLING DRUGS AT SCHOOL.  The student, named Tyler, plead guilty in juvenile court to drug trafficking charges.  Police say he played a major role in a drug ring that sold as much as $20,000 a month worth of high grade marijuana to fellow students at two high schools in Warren County, Ohio.  The judge, who sentenced him to a juvenile prison, said he was “a pretty fine young person and went down a bad trail.”  Police said he was a “little czar” in charge of six teenage lieutenants who helped him sell the marijuana to well-to-do students in two high schools.  They said he began selling drugs when he was 15 and went undetected for a long time by not selling pot at school, but largely out of his home where he lived with his single mother and a brother.  In addition to Tyler, seven adults aged 20 to 58 were arrested in connection with the drug ring.  They were accused of growing the pot under artificial lights in a furniture warehouse and two suburban homes.  The county drug task force seized more than 600 marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $3 million (about $5,000 a pound).  The investigation also found $6,000 in cash in Tyler’s bedroom.



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