Student Survey On Drugs & Alcohol Use At School

According to an annual survey of 12-17 year olds conducted by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University in New York City, about 17% of high school students may be “half in the bag” on drugs or alcohol any given day. The survey is conducted each year with 1,000 students. The most recent results were released on August 22, 2013. Here are some of the survey findings:
– 86% of the students told survey takers they were aware of that their “glassy eyed” classmates were either drunk or stoned
– 50% of the students polled said they know who deals drugs at school – and where students can go nearby to get high
– Marijuana was the easiest drug to buy on school grounds…followed by prescription drugs, cocaine and ecstasy
DIGITAL PEER PRESSURE – a new kind of “peer pressure”
– Students surveyed said seeing pictures on Facebook or MySpace of their pals partying made them want to get drunk or stoned
– Some 75% said this kind of “digital peer pressure” is a major problem
– About 45% said they saw online photos of classmates drinking, doing drugs or even passing out. These kids were four times more likely to have smoked pot, three times more likely to have used alcohol and three times more likely to smoke cigarettes
– Joseph Califano, former Secretary of HEW and Director of CASA said the 2013 survey shows the existence of a new kind of potent peer pressure – “digital peer pressure”
– “Digital Peer Pressure” moves beyond a child’s friends and the kids he or she hangs out with. Instead, “digital peer pressure” invades the student’s home using the internet
– 60% of public school students agreed that their schools were “drug infected”
– The survey found a big jump in drug use was also in private schools
– Parents need to talk to their kids about drugs and get engaged in their children’s lives.

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  1. D. Aldridge says:

    Very interesting and important information. Thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to reading more and will tell fellow parents about your blog and your book!

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