For Parents

My Goal:  to give parents topics you can use to effectively talk about “drugs” with your kids, and do so on a non-judgmental way.

Parenting experts agree that if parents talk about the “drug problem” with your kids, they are less likely to get involved with drugs.  Here are my thoughts about formats for my material that you can use.

  1.  The Monthly online Educator & Parent Newsletter will provide you with these topics
  2. Online Educational Games
  3. Board Games
  4. Flash Cards
  5. Page-A-Day Calendars
  6. Online Discussion Groups

The book as a birthday or Christmas gift…..this might be a good way to introduce your child or children to this topic.  There is a section after each of the 42 cases that presents discussion topics for students.


I want to encourage both teachers and administrators to dialogue with me and make suggestions. I want to know about the FORMAT for my content that would be helpful to your school district. Which formats will work best for you – videos, animation, podcasts, audio-books, CDs, DVDs, or whatever will work for you.

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