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Odor Of Marijuana Justifies Detaining And Searching A Student Case

Mr.  Carpenter, a deputy sheriff, was assigned as a school resource officer (SRO) at a high school.  When a student named SW walked past him in the hall, Carpenter smelled a strong odor of marijuana on the student.  He took

Student Informant’s Name Remained Confidential In Drug Case

CB was 18 years old, repeating his senior year.  He made a deal with fellow student JZ to help him sell mescaline tablets at school.  Under the arrangement, each day, CB gave tablets to JZ, hidden in a Bic pen.

Anonymous Telephone Tip About A Student’s Possession Of Drugs Case

Mr.  Ross, the high school assistant principal, received an anonymous telephone tip that JD, a senior, would be “carrying alot of drugs on him that day at school, including LSD.”  Teachers has previously expressed concern to Ross that JD was

Discussion Topics On Drugs & Bullying At School

WHY YOU SHOULD “TALK ABOUT” DRUGS AND BULLYING REGULARLY DISCUSSION AMONG YOURSELVES of drugs and bullying at school is the first step in dealing more effectively with these two difficult topics.   School officials, parents and students need to TALK WITH EACH OTHER about  “drugs” and “bullying” at school.   They can do this both

2 Students Charged With A Felony For Bullying

TWO FEMALE STUDENTS  IN FLORIDA, ages 12 and 14, were charged with aggravated stalking (a felony).  The sheriff said they bullied a 12 year old student named Rebecca who committed suicide as a result of the bullying.  On September 9, 2013,Rebecca climbed  a tower at an

Bullying As A Crime

STUDENT ON STUDENT BULLYING:  States laws differ in their approach to bullying.  According to a  July 2013 review of state cyber bullying laws by The Cyberbullying Research Center (see 49 states have Bullying Laws.  Only 12 states make bullying


A Pennsylvania school district’s new policy gives student athletes a chance to admit to drug use before they are randomly selected for drug testing.  The student athletes who admit to drug use before testing will not receive a 20 day suspension imposed