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Colorado Pot Legalization Increases Problems In Schools

The  trend of more pot in schools  is reported around Colorado after the 2012 vote to legalize recreational use of marijuana.  The law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from possessing marijuana.  From a legal point of view, school

New Law Against Students Cyber Bullying Of Teachers Is A Misdemeanor

In North Carolina a law took effect on December 1, 2013 that makes it a misdemeanor for students to commit various online offenses against school employees.   The law covers things like creating false profiles, signing the school official up

Students Arrested For Selling Drugs At School – Cases From Around The Country

Here are three examples, happening in he last 90 days of students arrested for selling drugs at school. In Riverside County California  2 adults and  24 students from two high schools were arrested after a four month under cover operation.

There’s Been Alot Of “Drug Talk” Around Case

Here’s WHAT HAPPENED:  A school staff member approached Ms Baldwin, a school administrator, and told her there had been a lot of drug talk by students attending a special education program that day.  The staff member did not elaborate, mentioned

Search Of Student’s Purse After A Fight Finds Marijuana Case

Here’s WHAT HAPPENED:  SVJ and another student got into a fight.  She was taken to the office.  Mr. Dodds, a school administrator stepped out of the office for a moment.  When he returned he said SVJ looked startled or surprised,

Student Overheard Talking About “Big Bags” Justified Vehicle Search For Drugs

Here’s WHAT HAPPENED:  Officer Richardson, the school safety officer, testified in court that during the lunch period he was outside in the school’s common area.  He was about 3-4 feet away when he observed Michael approach another male student.  He

Teacher Could Not Remember Names Of Informants Providing Tips About A Student’s Drug Possession

Here’s WHAT HAPPENED:  A teacher reported to a vice principal that student JNY was in possession of two marijuana pipes.  The teacher. Ms. Collins, could not remember the names of the informants, only that they included a couple of students