Drugs Sold At Schools

10 STUDENTS SUSPENDED FOR BUYING BROWNIES LACED WITH MARIJUANA AT SCHOOL. 10 students were suspended from a Miami, Florida area high school for selling marijuana laced brownies at school.  A 22 year old man named “Dio” Lockridge made the brownies loaded with synthetic

Student Survey On Drugs & Alcohol Use At School

 SURVEY SHOWS – ONE IN FIVE STUDENTS DOES DRUGS, DRINKS ALCOHOL OR SMOKES AT SCHOOL According to an annual survey of 12-17 year olds conducted by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University in New

School District And Juvenile Court Drug Program

JUVENILE COURT DRUG PROGRAM. Students who are detained for drug violations at school are referred to the drug court program, presided over by a circuit court Judge. The director of operations for the Neosho Missouri School District praised the juvenile

Drug Testing At School

RANDOM, UNANNOUNCED STUDENT DRUG TESTING HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE US SUPREME COURT IN 1995 AND 2002. Accordingly, drug testing is used by many school districts in all states because courts have approved them as not violating a student’s privacy