Dog Sniff Of Student Vehicle For Drugs Reveals A Handgun Case

Here’s WHAT HAPPENED:    In conjunction with the police department, JM’s high school conducted a drug dog search.  Students were required to remain in their classrooms while the dogs sniffed both their lockers and vehicles.  A dog alerted on JM’s

Strip Search Of Female Student For Pills Held Unconstitutional

Here’s what happened.  Based on a tip, school officials detained and searched a female student named MG.   The search produced blue and white pills.  Under school policy, students could not possess these types of pills without prior written approval,

Teen Arrested For Cyber Bullying On Twitter And Facebook

In late November of 2013 four male students were suspended for ten days from a Connecticut High School.  They posted  lists, containing the names of some girls from the school, making graphic claims about their sexual activity.  The lists circulated

A Tip Justifies Searching The Student’s Person, Locker and Car For Drugs Case

The school nurse suspected a 10th grade student named RS of being under the influence of drugs.  When questioned by the nurse he admitted buying the pill from a student named TB.  Following investigative procedure TB was brought to the

Tips For Schools To Avoid Being Sued For “Deliberate Indifference” Toward Acts Of Bullying

First of all, the federal court’s “deliberate indifference” standard applies to all types of bullying cases, such as:  1) verbal  – teasing, name calling, taunting, threats to cause harm, inappropriate sexual or racial comments, 2) Social or Relationship Bullying means

Can Parents Of Bullies Be Sued For Money Damages Or Criminally Prosecuted?

The city of Monona, Wisconsin has passed an ordinance in response to the increase in school shootings, teen suicides and cyber bullying in general.   The tickets are municipal (city) code violations, which is a civil not a criminal offense.

The Large Marijuana Cigarette Case

This Pennsylvania case has not been finally decided by the courts, so it is not on the law books.    The trial court ruled a male student named CK could sue the school district for invasion of privacy for searching