About the Author

• Former Assistant City Prosecutor and Criminal Defense lawyer in Kansas City, Mo.

• His first book was on what the courts say about shoplifting loss prevention for non-lawyers working in retail stores and malls.

• Cleary’s FIVE BOOK SERIES is a discussion guide for K-12 educators, students and parents on what the courts say about student code of conduct violations.  The first volume on Student Drug Violations is available in both Ebook and paperback book formats.

Based on the five book series Cleary will develop both online and hard copy custom training programs for: #1 – school district in-service programs. #2 – teacher continuing education courses through a university.  #3 educational quizzes for school districts to present to their students, #4 – family educational games for parents and students.

BustedAtSchool.com is an educational law development and publishing division of Lighthouse Educational Services, Inc. located in Kansas City, MO>  Jim Cleary is the President/Attorney and author of the five book series and other educational programs that will be developed.  Website:  www.bustedatschool.com    Email:  jim@bustedatschool.com

Lighthouse Educational Services, Inc. has designed and offered offender education programs to criminal courts for 15 years.  These offender education courses are for shoplifting offenders and for general misdemeanor offenders.   Lighthouse, Inc. now moves into the education law area and offers a series of five books to the K-12 school community on what the courts say about student code of conduct violations.   Other educational services will follow.

Jim Cleary’s Background – attorney and author in the area of law topics for non-lawyers

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri at Columbia with a degree in Political Science.  I hold a Juris Doctor degree from the Law School at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. I am a member of the Missouri Bar Association. I started my legal career as an Assistant Prosecutor in the Municipal Court of Kansas City, Missouri where I worked for five years.   As part of my trial docket each day I handled shoplifting cases.  The witnesses in these shoplifting cases were store managers and sales employees plus security and loss prevention people.  I worked with retail employees from both local and national stores, persons who had to deal with shoplifting cases every day. To help them do their job more effectively I designed a set of shoplifting loss prevention training seminars.

Based on the seminars I wrote a 70,000 word hard cover book entitled Prosecuting The Shoplifter:  A Loss Prevention Strategy,  published by Butterworths Publishing Co. in Boston, MA in 1986.   The approach used in my book and training seminars helped retail employees better understand the legal aspects of a shoplifting case.  Specifically, they learned how to effectively investigate the facts of the case and to make decisions about how to handle the case based on those facts.  In short, my approach gave retail employees both a vocabulary and a method of analysis for dealing with shoplifting cases.  I also designed and wrote a 15 minute training video for retail sales employees called The Average Citizen Shoplifter.  For over ten years, as a part-time business to my full time trial law practice, I presented these shoplifting loss prevention training seminars to retail merchants all over the country.  I was a speaker at both national and state level retail loss prevention conferences.  After leaving the prosecutor’s office I practiced criminal law and began developing educational programs on law topics for non-lawyers.