THE DISCUSSION GUIDE FORMAT IS UNIQUE AND NOT AVAILABLE ELSE WHERE.  The 42 actual court cases in this book equip readers to learn about student drug violations at school.

THE NEED FILLED BY THIS BOOK:  The “Discussion Guide Format” lets educators, parents and students easily discuss with each other “what happened” in the 42 actual court cases.  These cases are written up in a short and easy to read way.  The 42 court cases are really ‘law stories” that readers can effectively share with each other.    They can share in both online social media formats such as face book, twitter etc. and also share personally, in discussion groups or law clubs. REMEMBER:  Sharing is learning.

QUESTION…??? Who will benefit by reading this book?

  • Teachers, School Administrators, School Counselors and School Resource Officers
  • Middle and High School Students
  • Parents of Middle and High School Students
  • Juvenile Court Personnel
  • College and university students earning a degree in education

QUESTION….??? What will all readers will learn from this book?

• STUDENTS will learn that choices to get involved with drugs have legal consequences and then discuss these choices and consequences with each other both in person and in social media formats

• SCHOOL OFFICIALS will learn what the courts say about policies and procedures used by schools in the 42 cases in the book. They will see what the courts say about drug violations and how to more effectively make the decisions to suspend, expel or prosecute a student for a drug violation.

• PARENTS can use the 42 cases in the book as a source for “parenting” discussions to help their children avoid involvement with drugs at school and elsewhere.
•THE BOOK DESIGN: It is customized to help all reader groups – student, parents and school officials